Discussion on Worker Representative Organisations (WROs):

Ngày đăng: 21/09/2020

Discussion on Worker Representative Organisations (WROs): The Vietnam Independent Union (VIU, Vietnamese) reports that on September 18 there was an online discussion about how to make WROs, which will be legalised from January 2021, a reality. The meeting was organised by the People's Participation Working Group (PPWG) and attended by delegates from the ILO, Oxfam Vietnam, a number of social organisations, lawyers and legal experts, journalists, and some interested individuals. Attendees said the reforms are not just due to the requirement of trade agreements like the CPTPP and EVFTA, but are also in line with workers' increasing demands and requests to improve the labour law.

The meeting noted that there are some significant outstanding issues with WROs, even though there are only 3 months before they are legalised. A number of articles in the law are vague, and the government has not yet made public the upcoming draft decree for regulating WROs. For example, issues over how WROs are established, funded, and form sectoral and regional organisations beyond the enterprise level are unclear.

Representatives at the meeting said the government needs to provide the same amount of support to WROs as it does to the (VGCL-affiliated) trade unions otherwise this will be unfair, and that there should be a regulation on where enterprise-level unions get funding from (employers are required to pay 2% of their basic wage bill, and delegates said that this should be split between WROs and unions). It was also expressed that WROs shouldn't compete for members with unions, but should work together as they have the same aim of protecting workers' rights and interests, and that state regulators should abandon the view that multiple representation causes issues regarding national security or political institutions.

The VIU finishes the article by expressing regret that the discussion had to be cut short so not all attendees had the chance to express their views.

Source: Vietnam Labour Update #77

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