Official announcement of Vietnamese Independent Union

Ngày đăng: 21/06/2020


To whom it may concern,

In this age of globalization and economic integration, countries are forced to boost their cooperation with others, particularly the developed nations. Vietnam is not an exception since the country has signed 12 FTAs in total, including the very two new ones: CPTPP and EVFTA, which have already been ratified at the national assembly.

Both CPTPP and EVFTA require the Vietnamese government to respect the legitimate rights and interests of its labors, especially the right of employees at grassroots level, on their voluntary basis to establish unions (or syndicates) representing themselves in the labor relations.

As a matter of fact, just the truly independent organizations which are not subjected to any corporations and political parties, can accomplish that lofty mission. Moreover, the competition of various unions definitely will bring no harms, but the fair interests to both employees and employers.

Union right is an inalienable right of the employees. Thus, unions are the organizations representing them to defend their legitimate rights and interests, under no interference by the employers. Changes are needed for Vietnam to comply with the requirements of CPTPP and EVFTA, and most importantly to fulfill the country’s duty as a ILO member,” said Mr. Chang-Hee Lee, ILO Vietnam Director.

Because of that imperative practice, we solemnly declare the establishment of Vietnamese Independent Union (VIU) to all employees and international syndicates.

Though members of VIU are from various backgrounds, but all share the same purpose of forming free unions in different industries. We want to travel with the Vietnamese General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) as a supplementing force to protect the employees, guarantee their full interests as the fellows in other member states of CPTPP and EVFTA.

For those reasons, we call for the support and involvement of employees, free labors and intellectuals of all careers. Step by step, we will guide you to form the unions for your real interests.


Our executive board

President: Mr. Bui Thien Tri

Vice President: Mr. Tran Nghia Quan

General Secretary: Mr. Benn Dang

Treasurer: Ms. Phung Tue Tam

Operational Adviser: Madame Nguyen Nguyen Binh *

* Madame Nguyen Nguyen Binh is a former lieutenant colonel of the Vietnamese People Army (VPA). She used to serve as a propagandist calling for the surrender of Chinese invaders during the Sino-Vietnamese War (Feb 1979). In peacetime, due to her differences over the contemporary policies of Vietnamese authorities governing their behaviors in the bilateral relationship with People Republic of China (PRC), she has voluntarily become an ex-servicewomen before due date since 1994. Besides, Madame Binh is the daughter of the late Vietnamese ambassador to China and major general Nguyen Trong Vinh.


Contact us via

Website: http://nghiepdoandoclapvn.org/

Facebook: https://fb.me/nghiepdoandoclapvn

Email: lienlac@nghiepdoandoclapvn.org or vnnddl@gmail.com


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